MitoNET is a collaboration between property development group, M&T Development & global leaders in IT services and solutions, Internet Solutions (IS). By combining their expertise, these organisations are leading the way in developing intelligent & architecturally pleasing buildings, which are packed to the rafters with state-of-the-art ICT facilities – ready for you to use from day one.

MitoNET is a strategically located communications hub that provides the whole business park with access to the outside world, through high-speed connectivity to fixed wire, wireless and GSM network operators. A fibre optic ring around the business park's perimeter means that you're connected to a network that is secure, reliable and super-fast.


MitoNET provides integrated network solutions for corporates and this is why we set the benchmark:

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Wherever you are. Whatever device used in your company it will always be in touch, over wireless or fixed line network.


With a menu of managed services on offer, your company is spoilt for choice.


IP telephony will significantly reduce your telecommunications costs.

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Reduced Capex

Managed and maintained infrastructure as a service (IaaS) enables you to bring down your capital expenditure.


Tread lighter, as you make the switch over to the business park, which with its consolidated ICT facilities and virtualised environment, is limiting its carbon footprint.


A single managed provider links your business to the necessary IP services, so you have the freedom to log onto the net, use cost effective telephony cialis acheter services and prioritise your data usage.


The business park is perfectly positioned to do business, situated in-between two of South Africa's commerce hotspots, Pretoria and Johannesburg.